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Valentina Aquila, Assistant Professor

I am an assistant professor in Environmental Science at American University. I use Earth System models to understand the role of atmospheric aerosols in the Earth's system, with a focus on the stratosphere. I received a master in Physics from the University of Genoa, Italy, and a PhD in Meteorology from the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich, Germany. I was a postdoctoral researcher at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and John Hopkins University before joining American University in 2017. 



Matteo Trolese

Matteo received a PhD in Geology from Università degli Studi Roma Tre in Rome, Italy. Matteo is currently funded by NASA to implement a plume parameterization in the GEOS Earth's System Model.

Undergraduate students


James Alvarez

Environmental Science 2022

Impacts of fire driven thunderstorms (pyroCbs) on stratospheric composition


Riddah Shaikh

Environmental Science 2025

Representation of volcanic plumes in the MERRA-2 reanalysis

Master students


Duncan Hill

Sustainability Management 2022

Carbon dioxide removal using biochar.


Lynn Heller

Global Environmental Policy 2022

Measurements of PM concentrations in the Brentwood neighborhood in Washington DC.


Stephanie Braddock - MS Environmental Science 2022

Local variations in PM concentrations

Josh Rivera - Master of Public Policy 2022

PM concentrations in Buzzard Point, Washington DC

Emily Dolan - BA Environmental Studies 2022

Measuring PM on the AU campus with a portable air quality monitor

Cole Hiser - BA Environmental Studies 2022

Impacts of roadside vegetation on PM concentrations

Kruttika Gopal - BA Environmental Studies 2023

Relationship between the density of air quality monitors, pollution, and neighborhood socioeconomic characteristics.

Laura Dudek - BA Environmental Studies 2024 

Energy consumption of American University buildings.

Giorgio Doglioni - MS Physics (University of Trento, Italy) 2021

Impacts of pyroCb events on stratospheric meteorology.

Joseph Minnich - BS Physics 2021

Identifying the signal of COVID-19 lockdowns on urban air quality using low-cost air quality sensors.

Kira Fontana - BS Biology 2022

Classification of worldwide COVID-19 government responses and air quality impacts.

Colleen Baldwin - BS Physics and Computer Science 2021

Latitudinal and seasonal dependence of the climate impacts of volcanic eruptions. 

Fan Tai Bridges - BS Environmental Science 2021

Analysis of American University energy consumption data.  

Nicki Mukherjee - BS Environmental Science and Mathematics 2018

Impacts of volcanic eruptions on the NASA GEOS Seasonal-to-Subseasonal Forecasting system. 

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